Charity Website



So I’ve recently been working on a website for The John Holmes Educational Trust For Eritrea. While there is still some more work to be done (mostly just SEO, favicon etc) I wanted to show some of you guys how great Surreal CMS is for sites like this.

Feedback is welcome, as I’m always looking to improve. I’m also thinking of putting together a code cheat sheet for some cool things you can do in Surreal using PHP and Javascript which clients LOVE.

So let me know what you guys think, peace :slight_smile:


Very nice site. :slight_smile: :heart:


Awesome example of a modern, responsive website powered by Surreal. :kissing_heart:


Been experimenting myself with javascript and conditional css within the editor only—like forcing accordions to unfold and popups to show themselves so they’re easier to edit. Clients have loved it! I would be more than interested in seeing a cheat sheet of your php/javascript to see what you’ve done!


Excellent use case for conditional styles!


Nice site. Just one thing I was looking for (that may just be the way you want it) was that there was no way to get back “Home” from the menu once moving off the page.


Unfortunately a home button wasn’t wanted (God knows why), so the only way to get home is to click the heading text.