Blogging Tools or Blog Coding and Design for Surreal


Any developers out there who are Surreal pros who can help with a blog layout page and coding for Surreal? Or does anyone know of a Saas blogging tool that embeds well on websites?


I’ve recently discovered that works really well in the static sites that I’m using with Surreal.


Hey! At my company I developed this site “”. And I implemented Surreal CMS for the owner to be able to edit the content. Let me know if I can help. Or reach me on twitter @amiamigo97


I’ve created very simple blogs using Surreal. For example:

There is a page listing and linking to the blog articles. The blog articles are seperate pages (using a Surreal page template). The blog article pages link back to the blog list page.

The blog article pages could also use a Surreal ‘include’ so that the list of blog posts is available on all blog article pages.

Simple and straight-forward. If you want something more complex I think you’ll have to use a SaaS blogging tool.

Private message me if you’d like to discuss further


This article on blogging in Surreal is well worth reading: