Blogging Feature


I’m envious of the new Postleaf blogging platform. Wish it could be incorporated into Surreal. Simple blogging and an easy photo gallery would take care of many of my basic client sites. :slight_smile:


I suppose you use which ever one most suits your clients needs.


I’ve been hearing that a lot. The challenge is finding the best way to implement a dynamic feature on a static platform :slight_smile:

In the meantime, it’s definitely possible to install Postleaf in a subfolder in tandem with your Surreal-powered site!


I’m envious because my host only goes up to PHP 5.4 so I’m stuck there unless I want to migrate everything to another host… so no Postleaf for me :frowning:


Ouch! PHP 5.4 and 5.5 have been end-of-lifed, and 5.6 is being EOL-ed in December.

Whoever your host is should be focusing on upgrading those systems ASAP! :zap:


It’s GoDaddy. I’m on an old hosting plan so they won’t upgrade it. In order for me to get a later version I have to buy yet another hosting plan and then migrate everything over. The new hosting plans are on 5.6 but as you said, that’s out of support shortly as well.


That’s not an answer clients want to hear. They’ll just go to someone else if I can’t provide what they want/need.


What I was getting at is it’s up to you to offer either PostLeaf or Surreal, depending on your clients end-goals. However I do agree that some kind of cross-usage would be really sweet. If you need a hand with simple photo galleries in Surreal I do have some code which might come in handy :slight_smile:


I guess I’m greedy. I want both. :slight_smile:

I kind of wonder why Cory, who is obviously a talented and creative programmer, spent so much time developing a free product, rather than improving Surreal.

I’ve tried nearly every CMS on the market and in the low-user-ability range, I think Surreal is by far the best. I’d just like to see it have more features. When clients request more than it provides, I have to move them into a different system.

I have never had a client that wants only a blog so as nice as Postleaf looks, I don’t see myself using it.

I know everyone has different needs though.


Postleaf has been a very rewarding side project for me. It was a chance to try out new ideas without turning an existing user base into guinea pigs.

Postleaf parallels Surreal’s features in many ways, so I’d like to take some of the concepts that work really well in Postleaf and move them upstream once they get tested better. Surreal is up for a refresh soon — everything from its UI down to its features, so I think you’ll see some similarities in Surreal CMS 6.0.

As for blogging, I’ll be taking a very close look at how to achieve that with Surreal. It’s unlikely that you’ll see a Surreal + Postleaf integration, and more likely that Surreal will publish posts like many static site generators do.

The next question I usually get whenever I talk about a new Surreal version is “when?” To which I almost always answer: “when it’s done.” :sunglasses:


Could not agree more! The template approach is a solid option for Surreal but a more automated blog and photo gallery would improve a number of workflows for our clients. The current system is a bit of a pain point and cause us to use other CMS tools for projects where these are critical features.

Running Postleaf as a sub-system is an interesting idea though and worth exploring.


Hi Folks,

We built a blogging solution that works along side SurrealCMS.

Take a look here:

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