Add Code Snippets Option to Toolbar?


One thing that we feel would be a great addition to Surreal CMS is the option to have a shortcodes icon in the toolbar just like you have for custom CSS styles. This way when we deploy a new site we can add custom shortcodes to the CMS profile for that domain so website editors can easily insert page content such as buttons, tabbed content, pricing tables, etc.

Since most of our website editors do not have any HTML knowledge this would help them to add robust content, which would make their websites look amazing and ultimately it would make them love the CMS even more.


YES, I back this 100%


I agree with this, except I think it should let you predefine code snippets instead of shortcodes which are counterintuitive in an inline editing environment.

How would you feel about that as an alternative?

  1. Admin defines one or more code snippets and gives each one a name.
  2. User selects a button from the toolbar and selects the appropriate snippet from a dropdown.
  3. The appropriate code is inserted into the editor.


Love it! Would be cool to have an easy way to keep each one individually identifiable like a color or preview so in longer lists of these code snippets a user can easily find them.


Yes, this is exactly what I was suggesting. I inaccurately referred to it as a shortcode - but meant snippet.


Think this would be great :slight_smile: