7.0: Thoughts on New Pricing


@cory… Wow, so in other words, you’ve just dropped the proposed $39 plan altogether and added white label to the $19 plan (which remains unlimited). That’s more generous than most of the ideas we’ve all been proposing! :smiley:

Yep, and that just happens to include me at the moment—I’d be paying about twice as much as I do now. :slightly_frowning_face: I do still think some of our earlier suggestions would be fairer (as in you pay for what you use), but it’s hard to argue with the value of your $19 plan.

I think we can see just how important simplicity of pricing is to you Cory. And you can’t get much simpler than your latest proposal.

Any chance I can keep using the current version of Surreal until I’m ready to upgrade and pay the extra?? (I’m guessing not, but hey, I had to ask.)


The current version will remain online for a period of time to let users upgrade at their leisure. Historically, all major versions have had up to one year.

While I hope to see everyone upgrade much sooner than that, I understand that it takes time to update documentation and get users familiar with new things. Users will remain on their current plans until they choose to upgrade.

I’m still a couple weeks out for the beta, but the majority of what’s left is the marketing website and upgrade scripts. I’m still trying hard for a release this month, though!


I was thinking $5 per site max but I really like $19 plan much better now.


If you want some extra help, I’m available to tie up some loose ends. :slight_smile:


Thanks Cory. A year to upgrade sounds very reasonable.


I’m late to the game I know, but for what it’s worth I’d echo some of the concerns that you’ll be overwhelmed with non-paying customers who might not be worth your effort. That opinion aside, I think that we get very good value for your product and the proposed pricing is reasonable.

That said, I wonder if instead of unlimited / white label you might still consider Pro for X number of sites (including white label) and a higher level (Corporate?) for unlimited sites but at a higher cost?


I don’t disagree. This is a “back to our roots” thing, and I remember the freemium days. It’s pretty easy to identify users who appreciate the product (whether they’re paying or not) and I’m always happy to consider feedback from those who genuinely do.

We’ll see how folks do with the new pricing and go from there. The new plans have already been coded in Stripe and I’m working on the marketing site and upgrade scripts now. (Last week’s bout with the Flu didn’t help.)


I’ve made one [hopefully] final change to pricing for version 7.

  • Personal – Free for personal, educational, and non-profit websites (unlimited sites)
  • Business – $9/mo or $99/yr for commercial websites + analytics (unlimited sites)
  • Agency – $19/mo or $199/yr for white-label and other agency features (unlimited sites)

The $9 plan fills the gap that many users were worried about, and I think the new names make more sense than just “PRO”. Additional features are coming for both premium plans soon.

More details can be found on the pricing page.

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