7.0: The Site View


Here’s a glimpse of the new Site view:

  • Familiar search field (still focused by default)
  • Multi-select pages
  • Batch delete/disable pages
  • 1/2 size preview of the selected page
  • Fully responsive

A huge focus of the 7.0 release is to modernize the UI and address lingering annoyances (e.g. things like batch delete/disable that are missing in the current version).

Of course, there are some great new features coming in 7.0 and even more in subsequent 7.x releases. More details and screenshots to follow as development progresses!


Most wanted feature is blog/article/news section) to make fast posts
We do manually right now and it’s very annoying and time consuming task Or we need to integrate another third party php script.


It’s on the roadmap!


Something a lot of users end up doing to make the homepage or other important pages show up at the top of the page list is prefix the name with a symbol or number:

  • *Homepage
  • .Homepage
  • 1 Homepage

It’s a clever hack, but not aesthetically pleasing, so this morning I added the ability to pin pages to this view:

Such a simple but useful feature!