7.0: Analytics Dashboard


I’m finishing up the new Google Analytics dashboard and thought I’d share some thoughts and screenshots.

The average client tends to find themselves lost in all the views and data that the official Google Analytics website provides. As always, I try to keep things simple with Surreal. In this case, the focus is on providing the most useful analytics information with a dead simple interface.

As a result, the new dashboard in 7.0 is very similar to the current one:

A new, open source chart library is being used. The charts are still interactive, but they look and feel cleaner. Charts have been added to all views where it makes sense to have them, and we’re using area charts, bar charts, and doughnut charts for various reports:

A couple reports have been removed, as they’re no longer relevant:

  • Browser version: most browsers automatically update now, and the number of point versions make the data difficult to read in both chart and table formats.
  • Operating system version: for similar reasons, the OS versions report has been removed.

A few reports have been renamed:

  • Top Content By Path is now All Pages
  • Top Landing Pages is now Landing Pages
  • Top Exit Pages is now Exit Pages

Lastly, the date selector is easier to use, and includes shortcuts for common date ranges:


I think we did a great job with the original analytics dashboard, so there’s not a ton of room to improve here, but there may be some GA reports that we’re missing.

What additional reports would you like to see in the new dashboard?