7.0: An issue with non-SSL Websites


cPanel is a popular control panel software for servers that allows web hosting providers to give their customers access to an easy to use control panel that helps them manage their website.

htaccess is a file that exists in the website directory and allows you to change settings for server software known as Apache.

A good web host will be more than happy to setup a http to https redirect.

Well if your not reselling hosting, then no you shouldn’t have to. Although reselling hosting might be something you might want to look into.


Hi Jeremy. Thank you for your replies. They have been most helpful. Thanks again


I’m concerned that the move to https is going to be too difficult / technical for some of my clients. Will it be possible to use both version 7 and 5 of Surreal? Version 7 for clients that have moved to https and version 5 for those who haven’t.


In the past, I’ve left previous versions online for at least a year for major upgrades. However, upgrading is all or nothing.

The bigger issue with HTTPS isn’t Surreal — it’s how browsers continue to degrade them with warnings and such. I expect in two years we’ll see 85-90% of websites on HTTPS, if not more. Might as well get it out of the way :slightly_smiling_face:


No worries Mark. Happy to help a fellow Surreal CMS user.


You mean HTTPS, not HTTP.


Yep, good catch! Updated

7.0: Soft Launch