Feature Requests

Future development (7)
Optional welcome message (3)
Analytics view selector (1)
Custom User-Agent on Edit Page (2)
Tables are no longer editable, red border around region (3)
Publish to git repository (7)
Edit Source on V7 (2)
Enable clients to add a photo-gallery (8)
A possible solution to custom domains (9)
Sub Administrators (7)
HTTPS support for custom domains (4)
Custom Buttons or Links in Admin Panel (3)
Enable the client to add an editable div (2)
Web Accessibility (3)
A way for clients to easily add and delete navigation (3)
Height and width tags added to gallery images (3)
Sitemap generation (1)
When Image Description is Removed - Leave Empty Alt Tag (2)
Expand Region Source Window Dimensions (2)
Unwanted rel="noopener noreferrer" (3)
Feature Request: Limit access to the Uploads folder instead of the entire server directory (7)
Open Graph code generation (2)
Bootstrap supporting Surreal CMS (4)
Sort columns in 'Manage Files' (2)
Expand Site Dropdown Width! (2)
Blogging Feature (12)
UNDO for Edit Source (3)
PICTURE tag with srcset, IMG tag with srcset (3)
Edit Source of Drafts (4)
Ability to duplicate sites (6)